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Articles tagged with: purpose

With Hearts and Minds and Voices

on Thursday, 25 April 2013. Posted in Special Music, Theology of, Sentimentalism in, Purpose of, Old Testament on, Creativity in, New Testament on, History of, Introducing New Music, Definition of, Musical Style, Heart & Attitude, Great Hymns of the Faith, corporate vs. private

by John MacArthur

Christian Research Journal 23/2

This article had a huge impact on me in my early stages of forming my philosophy of worship, and it can be credited for part of the motivation to title this

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Should We Stop Singing Vicky Beeching Songs?

on Monday, 25 August 2014. Posted in Theology of, Purpose of

I just found out about this Christian songwriter today.  Vicky Beeching just came out recently announcing she is lesbian.  Coincidentally, this last Sunday we sang a song she wrote, "Glory to God, Forever". 

This blog article by Russel Moore is a great perspective on how we should resolve this title question going forward.

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Fool's Gold?

Written by Corb H. Felgenhour on Wednesday, 17 April 2013. Posted in Theological, Purpose of, New Testament on, History of, Definition of, Introducing New Music, Musical Style, Great Hymns of the Faith

Fool's Gold?

Chapter 7: Solid Rock? What the Bible Says about Contemporary Worship

by John MacArthur


Great comments about keeping a variety of musical forms in corporate worship (according to Colossians 3:16) and a call not to forget about great hymns of the faith that typically have that strong didactic approach that is lost in other forms.  Here are some great quotes from this book/chapter:


p115-"...Neither the antiquity nor the popularity of a gospel song is a good measure of its worthiness.  And the fact that a gospel song is 'old-fasioned' is quite clearly no guarantee that it is suited for edifying the church.  When it comes to church music, older is not necessarily better."


p118-"There is certainly nothing wrong with the simple, straightforward personal praise that characterizes the best of today's praise choruses.  Neither is there anything wrong with the evangelistic and testimonial thrust of yesterday's gospel songs.  But it is a profound tragedy that in some circles, only contemporary choruses are sung...."


p119-"Paul was calling for a variety of musical forms and a breadth of spiritual expression that cannot be embodied in any one musical form.  the strict psalms-only view (which is gaining popularity in some reformed circles today) allows for none of that variety.  The views of fundamentalist-traditionalists who seem to limit church music to the Gospel-song forms of the early twentieth century would also squelch the variety Paul calls for.  More significantly, the prevailing mood in modern evangelical churches-where people seem to want to binge on a steady diet of nothing but simplistic praise choruses-also destroys the principle of variety Paul sets forth here [Colossians 3:16]...the error lay in utterly casting aside the rich heritage of hymns-along with the didactic, doctrinal richness of Christian music that had edified and sustained so many generations."


you can order the book by John MacArthur here

Why Does Church Music Exsist?: NOTES

on Wednesday, 24 April 2013. Posted in Philosophical, Sentimentalism in, Purpose of, Emotion in, Creativity in, History of, Musical Style, Heart & Attitude

notes from Donald Hustad book, "Jubilate II"

notes from Donald Hustad book, "Jubilate II"

Chapter 1

What is the purpose of music in church?

What is more important: music or lyrics?

music =emotional part, universal means of expression

words=the language part, infuse  actual meaning


church music = art music ?


music functions in society as:

  1. giving identity
  2. adds significance to important events
  3. reinforces political, social, religious ideals

music functions in church:

  1. congregational behavior
  2. Praise and Worship to God
  3. teaching
  4. healing human spirit
  5. helps build community



First Things-Tragic Worship

on Monday, 20 May 2013. Posted in Service Order & Liturgy, Purpose of, Creativity in, History of, Definition of, Musical Style, Great Hymns of the Faith, corporate vs. private

First Things-Tragic Worship

by Carl R. Trueman

June/July 2013

"Tragedy as a form of art and of entertainment highlighted death, and death is central to true Christian worship."


"Perhaps it is ironic, but the church that confronts people with the reality of the shortness of life lived under the shadow of death prepares them for resurrection better than the church that goes straight to resurrection triumphalism without that awkward mortality bit."

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Modern Hymns, Choruses, and NPR

on Wednesday, 10 July 2013. Posted in Gospel, Purpose of, History of, Musical Style, Great Hymns of the Faith

by Matt Boswell

 "To make hymn-style and chorus-style songs enemies is not wise. The Psalms are filled with many formats of songs that are to be sung. From simple refrains to antiphonal responses, from songs of lament to hymns of remembrance, our hymnal is vast. We must conclude that western worship is one way of orthodox singing, but in no way can we impose on varied cultures around the globe that this is the only way. The modern hymn and the praise chorus are close friends, especially in many churches where the music encompasses both variants of music."

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Sing Responsibly

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Sentimentalism in, Masculine vs. Feminine music, Purpose of, Emotion in, Creativity in

Mike Wittmer

a blog article

July 22, 2013

"...I doubt that most Christians noticed the problem because the song once mentions forgiveness and right before the end mentions the need for Jesus and the cross. But then again, so did Pelagius. This chorus is straight Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Chuck Finney. You would never hear it from Augustine, Luther, Calvin, or Jesus...."

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9 Things Christian Worship Should Be

Written by Corb H. Felgenhour on Wednesday, 17 April 2013. Posted in Trinity, Theological, Purpose of, Old Testament on, Performance Quality, New Testament on, Definition of, Musical Style, Heart & Attitude

9 Things that Christian Worship Should Be

by Zac Hicks

linked from

There are great reminders in this article.  His nine points are:


1. Christian worship should be biblical.

2. Christian worship should be dialogic.

3. Christian worship should be covenantal.

4. Christian worship should be trinitarian.

5. Christian worship should be communal.

6. Christian worship should be hospitable, caring, and welcoming.

7. Christian worship should be “in but not of” the world.

8. Christian worship should be a generous and excellent outpouring of ourselves before God.

9. Christian worship should be expectant of an encounter with God.

Go to his link to see how he breaks each point down.  click here to go to the actual article

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