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Worship Matters; part 3

Worship Matters; part 3

Written by Corb H. Felgenhour on Wednesday, 17 April 2013. Posted in Devotional, Practical, Performance Quality, Heart & Attitude

Worship Matters; part 3

What do I "practice" vs. What do I "model"?

Tonight's study came from a book by Bob Kauflin called "Worship Matters".

EDDIE: You keep hitting a B Natural. It's a B flat!!! The B flat is written, so play it! I can't worship when the notes are wrong all the time.

MARY: But I don't read music, I just have to feel it, you know, once I am in the moment, it will be there. The Holy Spirit will be there for me. I'll be prayin'...

EDDIE: But you never feel it. I'm tellin' ya', just play the B flat!

MARY: You need to relax. I think you are taking this way too seriously.

EDDIE: I don't think you are taking this seriously enough.

So what is your take on Eddie and Mary? Mary is unprepared making repeated and noticeable mistakes but wants the Holy Spirit to shine through her. Eddie values practice and right pitches but is harsh (with a vengeance) in delivering his point to Mary.

So, we need to do a good job with the tasks that are put before us and at the same time we must model Christ in what we do so that people see Him rather than us. This is easy to say...easy to type...but... if only Judy would stop singing the wrong notes in my ear... :)

Let us "set an example to the congregation in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity..." (I Tim. 4:12) and at the same time, lets perform our ministries with "undistracting excellence" (J. Piper) by fulfilling the ministry God has laid before us via proper preparation and execution.

Good stuff. Big responsibility.


About the Author

Corb H. Felgenhour

Corb H. Felgenhour

Corb is currently one of two worship pastors at South Church in Lansing, MI.  He has been in music and worship ministry for over 18 years.  10 of those years he has served as a pastor of worship and/or worship leader in the local church.  He studied music composition, conducting, and voice at Eastern Illinois University and University of Southern California receiving his bachelors and Masters in Music Composition respectively.  Corb has his ministerial credential with the Evangelical Free Church of America.  Corb is married to his wife, Carol and has three children, Ari, Kiran, and Asher.

for more information on Corb, click here.

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